Extreme Blogging

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th November 2013 37,106 views on developerworks I see that EMC have finally pushed yet another technology family on its customers. Extreme I/O arrays. So now you have to decide which one of these things do I want. OK, let me buy an all flash array, so how will that fit with my... Continue Reading →

2010-24: Still alive and Verplexed

ORIGINALLY POSTEED 10th June 2010 12,877 views on developerworks  After a couple of weeks of car hell, that resulted in the entire removal of the intake manifold, just to get to the darn crappy sensor that had packed up (and Land Rover informed me was the 3rd re-design - in any other business that would... Continue Reading →

“MAX POWER” – spin doctor-tastic

ORIGINALLY POSTED 6th May 2009 13,717 views on developerworks The "modular monolith" has arrived. Oh how the EMC spin doctors must have jumped for joy when they realised the next version of the almost 20 year old Symmetrix family, the DMX-5 could also mean DMX-V in roman numerals. Better still lets try and jazz it... Continue Reading →

Morcombe and Wise

ORIGINALLY POSTED 3rd July 2008 13,783 views on developerworks I thought after the 4.3.0 release I'd have a bit more spare time to post more often, however I'm working on a couple of interesting projects that have really taken off over the last few months and I'm once again flat out, not to mention being... Continue Reading →

… oh my!

ORIGINALLY POSTED 24th April 2008 14,048 views on developerworks Over at Burke HQ, I see that he's a little put out by a few questioning articles after EMCs 1Q broadcasts. In his latest post titled "Lions and Tigers and Bears" I can only but say "oh my!" Its unlike BarryB to tee himself up for... Continue Reading →

A break in the clouds

ORIGINALLY POSTED 14th March 2008 11,634 views on developerworks Another couple of weeks fly by, and far too many evenings have been spent on conference calls and the like - such is life when many of your close colleagues and executive team are six to eight hours behind you. Anyway, thats my excuse for not... Continue Reading →

Deja-vu – Invista 2 – again?!

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th December 2007 7,792 views on developerworks Back in August I posted about the 'Stealth' announcement of Invista 2.0. It seems that our friends over at EMC decided that after almost 6 months, they'd try again and actually tell the world this time. I thought I'd wait till the end of the week... Continue Reading →

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