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  • Spectrum Virtualize – Policy Based Replication – Guest post by Chris Bulmer

    BW: Its been a while since I had a guest post and who better to complete the series of articles discussing the latest Policy Based Replication functionality the replication development lead himself, Chris Bulmer. [BW: Where I have added some commentary it is in this blue italic text.] Policy-based replication IBM SAN Volume Controller, and […]

  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize – Policy Based Snapshots, Immutability – aka FlashCopy 2.0

    Last month I discussed the switch of the management interfaces to start implementing new features using a Policy Based Management philosophy. That post discussed the simple Provisioning Policies that can be created, here we are going to talk about FlashCopy 2.0 – or at least a new way to manage a subset of the FlashCopy […]

  • Spectrum Virtualize – Policy based management

    It’s been far too long since I posted on here. I do have a good excuse in that almost all of my “spare time” has been consumed by what started as a hobby and kind of spiraled into a boutique synthesiser brand… (for those interested see Ge0sync Synth) … anyway… I can make all the […]