How it works

Over the years Andy and Barry have written numerous posts covering technical details on how specific functions work, or how best to make use of specific functions.

SVC – How it Works

Part One – SVC How it Works – Basic Terminology

Part Two – SVC How it Works – Import your Data

Part Three – SVC How it Works – Manipulate your Virtual Data

Part Four – SVC How it Works – Hardware upgrades in place


What do we mean when we talk about Clustering on the Storwize products?

Quorum – How does it work on SVC and Storwize?

Stretched Cluster – How does it work?

Distributed RAID (DRAID)

DRAID – How does it work?

Configuring RAID/DRAID – Best Practice

DRAID Expansion. The Important Information


Manually configuring a 3-site Replication using FlashCopy snapshots


How to script with Spectrum Virtualize – Hints and Tips

Using Thin Provisioned (data reduced) mdisks with SVC

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