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ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th November 2013 37,106 views on developerworks I see that EMC have finally pushed yet another technology family on its customers. Extreme I/O arrays. So now you have to decide which one of these things do I want. OK, let me buy an all flash array, so how will that fit with my... Continue Reading →

Jon Tate – IBM EasyTier with IBM Realtime Compression

ORIGINALLY POSTED 16th September 2013 23,149 views on developerworks Recently we published an IBM Redbooks Solution Guide on Implementing IBM Easy Tier with IBM Real-time Compression. IBM® Easy Tier® is a performance function that automatically and non-disruptively migrates frequently accessed data from magnetic media to solid-state drives (SSDs). In that way, the most frequently accessed... Continue Reading →

Jon Tate – Dispute it we must…

ORIGINALLY POSTED 10th September 2013 18,915 views on developerworks “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Alexander Pope. Well we are mixing up poetry and Star Wars here today (or tomorrow, if it is already tomorrow where you are), and finish it off with a cryptic message. Anyway, let's cut to the chase here: a... Continue Reading →

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