Jon Tate – Flash but not Harry – just an IBM Redbook – and a warning about tree roots


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Just over a week or so ago we completed the ITSO Redbook residency to create a book based on the SAN Volume Controller and the IBM FlashSystem 820. Now, normally we like to get these things out very quickly and the team, Danny Bryant, Christian Burns, Joao Marcos Leite, and Denis Senin worked very long hours to make this happen. As is always the case they were helped by those awfully nice developers at IBM Hursley in the UK, the home of storage virtualization.

What they could not have predicted, and neither did I unfortunately, was that this would all be slowed down a little by a tree root. What? Well any mountain biker will tell you that tree roots can sometimes be your enemy, moderately friendly if you see them but positively hostile when you are going downhill, through grass, singletrack, and down a route that you hate anyway. One dislocated shoulder (100% AC dislocation whatever that is and I am not searching for it on the web) and a trip to A&E later, I was out of typing action for a week.

Anyway, what all this means is that had I been able to type with two hands we would have had the book out sooner. Normal service is somewhat resumed now.

So, the wait is over, the book, Implementing the IBM SAN Volume Controller and FlashSystem 820, is available now. It is still in draft status and gets tweaked regularly so be sure to keep checking the last update field.

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