Jon Tate – Flash but not Gordon – Just an IBM redpaper


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It is hard to look anywhere these days without seeing Flash being used. I think the word that marketing like to use, unless it has fallen out of favour is “pervasive”. Mind you in the hands of some people it is definitely moving from “pervasive” to “invasive” but perhaps I am just getting older.

Anyway, before we go totally off topic (I’ll start a new thread about people shouting into their mobile phones, or holding tablets up to take pictures causing a total eclipse some other time!), most of you will have read about the IBM acquisition of Texas Memory Systems. This has now manifested itself in a new range of Flash technology designed to help organisations meet the challenges of the imaginitively titled “Big Data”, and other “Little Data” , and “Neither Little nor Big Data” requirements too!

And, as you might expect, IBM is investing $1 billion in research and development to create Flash solutions that integrate across the IBM portfolio of servers, storage systems and middleware.

Ok, enough of the rambling.

Barry Whyte has had his head down now working even harder than normal on some pretty illuminating and interesting testing as to how Flash integrates with the IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC).

To make this freely available to all we turned it into an IBM Redpaper which really captures some very interesting and impressive results.

The paper, IBM SAN Volume Controller and IBM FlashSystem 820: Best Practice and Performance Capabilities, can be downloaded from this link:

I know Barry is keen to talk about this subject and for those of you that are able to attend IBM Edge2013, Barry will be presenting on this topic there and will be happy to talk about Flash, SVC, and anything under the IBM sun too!

IBM Redbooks will be there too with limited copies of some of our more popular tomes to sign and we are rushing to get copies of this paper available so you can get your signed-by-Barry copy. No putting it on well known auction sites though!

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