The Ongoing Need for Tiering

Its always amusing to be pinged by several people asking for comment on the same topic. This time it seems that Pure are trying to use their lack of function (there are several) and sell it as an advantage, while attacking the competition that do have it. I know reverse psychology worked on my kids... Continue Reading →

IBM FlashSystems and the future

ORIGINALLY POSTED 27th April 2013 9,477 views on developerworks Comment: Feb 2020 - I actually got a bit of grief when this article was posted - knuckle wrapping and all that - due to my personal comments - for example, in the black call out box in the article I am quoted as stating Flash... Continue Reading →

Breaking the 500,000 IOPs SPC Barrier

ORIGINALLY POSTED 3rd February 2012 20,233 views on developerworks Well, i guess I should first wish, any readers I still have left a Happy New Year.Not only are we now into 2012, but hey its February too, where did January go... must be some kind of temporal locality thing going on (private joke - sorry,... Continue Reading →

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