IBM FlashSystems and the future


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Comment: Feb 2020 – I actually got a bit of grief when this article was posted – knuckle wrapping and all that – due to my personal comments – for example, in the black call out box in the article I am quoted as stating Flash would not be around as long as the hard-drive – in terms of dominance. Well, less than 7 years later, and we have Storage Class Memory technologies that look to move Flash (NAND) into a nearline category in the not to distant future… so I guess I told you so!

I was recently interview by Antony Ashead at ComputerWeekly to fill in some details behind IBM’s recent FlashSystem announcements. To see Antony’s write up, check out his article :

I do love the dramatic, a great way of turning a statement like “gradual movement from SLC to MLC” into “dropping SLC” – but hey 🙂

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