Configuring IBM Storwize and SVC for Optimal Performance – Parts 3 and 4

ORIGINALLY POSTED 5th October 2013

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I know, I promised this some months ago, and I’ve been enjoying my spare time too much, and not blogging enough!

So rather than keep you all waiting even more, here is a PDF of the presentation I gave at IBM Edge 2013 in Vegas.

Hopefully most of it is self-explanitory, and I WILL post some more detailed information backing up the slides soon. Oh and I’ll be back next week with some more news.

Meanwhile, feel free to ask any questons / clarification :

PS. Like most people I can only manage about 2 seconds of this (hate seeing myself in video etc)

One response to “Configuring IBM Storwize and SVC for Optimal Performance – Parts 3 and 4”

  1. […] For more best practice information, particular to best performance see the following 4 part work : Part 1 | Part2 | Parts 3 & 4 […]


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