Quorum, How does it work? SVC and Storwize

ORIGINALLY POSTED 10th January 2017 19,712 views on developerworks Spectrum Virtualize Quorum Happy New Year to all. I’ve been getting a few questions relating to quorum devices, and in particular the IP quorum and what happens when various different failure scenarios occur. I thought it was worth detailing things here. So first some background. What... Continue Reading →

Introducing the IBM Storwize V3700

ORIGINALLY POSTED 7th November 2012 TOP 10 Post - 62,183 views on developerworks As you may have seen, today IBM announced the next product in the Storwize family, the IBM Storwize V3700. The Stowize V3700 builds on the amazing success that the Storwize V7000 has seen in the last two years- and of course SVC... Continue Reading →

V7000 (Gen1) SPC-1 Benchmark

ORIGINALLY POSTED 14th June 2012 24,016 views on developerwortks. One of the key benefits of the Storwize V7000 product is its built in Virtiualization capabilites. Or as some vendors like to call it  Federation? Its been almost 9 years since we first released SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and in that time, its been through 6... Continue Reading →

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