Clustering Combinations – Spectrum Virtualize Platforms

Supported Clustering Hardware Configurations

Please note, this is aimed to provide guidance and is correct at the time of publishing.

Update – 21st July 2021 – as a result of this post, my friends in support thought this a worthy topic and have created an official support document that will be kept up to date. You can find that here :

While its true that we publish a lot of interop data regarding the supported code levels and mixtures you can have when in replication partnerships, I’ve had a few questions recently regarding what the rules are about clustering different generations of Storwize and FlashSystem products and there actually isn’t a good single reference page.

Well, here it is!

Things to Note

There are some code limitations, particularly if you are adding a newer generation to an existing system, where you need to first ensure the existing system is not only running at least the “minimum” level stated here but also is capable of running the minimum level.

For the 7000 and 9000 table I’ve added two rows (these relate to the column headings as shown in this example)

Terminal Code8.4.0
Minimum Code7.7.1
Example table

So here it means product YYY only supports code levels up to and including 8.4.0 (Terminal code) and at a minimum the cluster must be running 7.7.1 to support product YYY (Minimum code)

The “4” in the matrix between product XXX and YYY means a cluster can contain up to a total of 4 IO groups of either XXX or YYY etc

IBM Storwize V5030 and FlashSystem 503x Clustering

5030 and 5035 Clustering

IBM Storwize V5100 and FlashSystem 5×00 Clustering

5100 and 5200 Clustering

IBM Storwize V7000, FlashSystem 7000 and FlashSystem 9000

7000 and 9000 Clustering

6 responses to “Clustering Combinations – Spectrum Virtualize Platforms”

  1. Excellent and very useful information. Thanks Barry.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Is there an IBM reference link for this information? I’ve been looking off and on for this and despite my best efforts using IBM’s web search I have come up empty.


    1. Shaun, there is now! – i’ve updated the post with a link at the top.


  3. Is it possible to virtualize a Clustered FS7x00 system with 4 or more SV3 Nodes?
    It’s not about the system layer but the fact that the FS7x00 is clustered (multiple IO-grps) and not separate backend arrays.



    1. It is possible, I’m unsure if the SVC will see it as one or more controllers, it may show each IO group as a controller, I am not sure I’ve ever tried it!


  4. Does the above clustering combinations are supported for Hyperswap as well ?


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