(2007) Seasons Wishes to you all

ORIGINALLY POSTED 21st Decvember 2007 10,182 views on developerworks The house is feeling quite Christmas-e, with the tree and lights having been up for a few weeks, the collection of presents under the tree growing and the usual 'spring cleaning' sessions before the big day. One more day to go, and yet another working year... Continue Reading →

Deja-vu – Invista 2 – again?!

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th December 2007 7,792 views on developerworks Back in August I posted about the 'Stealth' announcement of Invista 2.0. It seems that our friends over at EMC decided that after almost 6 months, they'd try again and actually tell the world this time. I thought I'd wait till the end of the week... Continue Reading →

Vanilla Windows vs Embedded Windows

ORIGINALLY POSTED 5th December 2007 8,268 views on developerworks I guess I didn't really get the message across in my previous post, well certainly not in the way I inteded from the emails and comments here. The main point I was making was with respect to using a "vanilla" Windows install as the base operating... Continue Reading →

SVC 4.2.1 GA and 10,000th SVC Node shipped.

ORIGINALLY POSTED 17th November 2007 8,668 views on developerworks Today we are have made available IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Version 4.2.1 with more function than previously announced, including new VMware support, and also announced that IBM has passed an historic milestone by shipping its 10,000th SVC node. A press release issued today... Continue Reading →

SVC Performance Redbook Available

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th November 2007 13,630 views on developerworks [2019 Comment - is was from this Redbook that I became known as Barry "it depends" Whyte] Just a quick post to let those interested know that the [SVC Best Practices and Performance Guidelines] Redbook has just been made publicly available on the IBM Redbooks website.... Continue Reading →

Lowest Vendor-neutral Denominator

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th November 2007 7,714 views on developerworks There is a big difference to "in the switch" network based storage virtualization and "appliance" network based storage virtualization. Hu Yoshida and Dr. Kevin McIsaac, seems to have forgotten that in my comparison series of the three approaches to storage virtualization, both the appliance and array... Continue Reading →

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