Re: Mathematics of SPC-1

ORIGINALLY POSTED 31st October 2007 12,098 views on developerworks I promised a bit more detail on the very limited sample set used by EMC's latest blogger Dr Kartik, in response to his analysis that SPC-1 IOPs is directly proportional to the number of drives used by the system under test. So I cannot deny the... Continue Reading →

Announced – SVC v4.2.1

ORIGINALLY POSTED 24th October 2007 7,230 views on developerworks IBM today announced the next release of SVC - version 4.2.1 - which will be generally available as of November 16th. The key highlights of this release are : Copy Services Enhancements - including Incremental FlashCopy, Cascaded FlashCopy, configurable copy services spaceAid business continuity by helping... Continue Reading →

Startup Failure != Virtualization Failure

ORIGINALLY POSTED 20th August 2007 6,891 views on developerworks Over at The SAN Technologist Steven is making some wild and mostly inaccurate statements, particularly about SVC, as well as some curious associations between startup company failures and storage virtualization. He asks : So why has storage virtualization failed? I wasn't aware it had, and with... Continue Reading →

Why did you do it like that?

ORIGINALLY POSTED 6th October 2007 11,046 views on developerworks This morning one of my colleagues in my office bay started a discussion about the fine line between divulging useful technical information on this blog-o-sphere while maintaining the confidentiality of technical information, product plans and general intellectual property of IBM. I explained to him that I... Continue Reading →

SVC Certified with VMware ESX 3.0.2

ORIGINALLY POSTED 5th October 2007 10,153 views on developerworls There has been much said about the VMware certification process, why isn't SVC fully supported etc; particularly in comments on my blog. Today IBM and VMware jointly announced full certification of SVC 4.2.0 with VMWare ESX 3.0.2. Read the full press release here. As I had... Continue Reading →

SSDs are becoming a Reality

ORIGINALLY POSTED 19th September 2007 11,146 views on developerworks I've been following the Solid State Disk (SSD) evolution over the last year or two with a selfish eye. Running one of the largest test stands we have in the Hursley SVC lab (from a number of spindles point of view) I too suffer the pain... Continue Reading →

More Throughput

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th September 2007 6,751 views on developerworks Following on from Chris' comments in "Pause for Thoughtput" I had a look around and there are some interesting posts being made. Being one of those close to the "Virtualmania" scene I had a look through the second paper Gear6 have written, "Provisioning for Predictable Performance".... Continue Reading →

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