Announced – SVC v4.2.1

ORIGINALLY POSTED 24th October 2007

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IBM today announced the next release of SVC – version 4.2.1 – which will be generally available as of November 16th.

The key highlights of this release are :

  • Copy Services Enhancements – including Incremental FlashCopy, Cascaded FlashCopy, configurable copy services space
    Aid business continuity by helping enable online point-in-time copy of data in reduced time using Incremental FlashCopy
    Support more flexible backups of targets by using Cascaded FlashCopyIncrease storage supported in copy service relationships and allow users to dynamically configure FlashCopy and Remote Copy space
  • Increased cluster addressability
    Four times increase in maximum supported storage capacity
  • Enhanced SMI-S compliance
    Introduce SMI-S 1.2-based CIMOM
  • Enhanced flexibility for configuration management
    Change vdisk preferred node on vdisk I/O group
  • Expanded server and storage environment support

As I am leave, I just wanted to highlight this quickly, and I will go into a some more detail when I return.

Official announce letter can be found here.

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