Some people are hard to please

ORIGINALLY POSTED 11th September 2008 7,362 views on developerworks Last week I was about to post congratulating Chris Mellor on his 'Blocks and Files' site being absorbed, acquired, defunct, by his move to The Register. I've followed Chris since his days over at TechWorld, where he posted a few articles after reading my blog, abstracting... Continue Reading →

SVC 4.2.1 GA and 10,000th SVC Node shipped.

ORIGINALLY POSTED 17th November 2007 8,668 views on developerworks Today we are have made available IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Version 4.2.1 with more function than previously announced, including new VMware support, and also announced that IBM has passed an historic milestone by shipping its 10,000th SVC node. A press release issued today... Continue Reading →

Announced – SVC v4.2.1

ORIGINALLY POSTED 24th October 2007 7,230 views on developerworks IBM today announced the next release of SVC - version 4.2.1 - which will be generally available as of November 16th. The key highlights of this release are : Copy Services Enhancements - including Incremental FlashCopy, Cascaded FlashCopy, configurable copy services spaceAid business continuity by helping... Continue Reading →

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