The Storage Egg timer

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th August 2009 13,321 views on developerworks I, like a lot of you that take the time out of your lives to read blog ramblings, you probably have your top 3 or 4 authors that you will read no matter what they say - maybe the next 10 that you read just the... Continue Reading →

But when isn’t it?

ORIGINALLY POSTED 1st August 2009 11,246 views on developerworks Yet another couple of weeks go by. July is our busy month at home and with family. 4 birthdays (including my own yesterday), 1 anniversary, and of course the start of the school holidays. For those that follow me on twitter and facebook, the Millenium Falcon... Continue Reading →

Online Data Migration

ORIGINALLY POSTED 1st July 2009 17,738 views on developerworks These days I'm spending more and more of my time with customers visiting Hursley wanting to hear about our smart planet initiatives, how we can help to make their infrastructure dynamic and of course most of my involvement in this is around presenting how and where... Continue Reading →

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