SVC: How it works: Split Cluster

[2019 edit - now referred to as Stretched Cluster] ORIGINALLY POSTED 22nd June 2009 35,919 views on developerworks - TOP 10 POST I thought it was worth spending a few minutes describing a feature that SVC has been supporting for just over a year now. Call it what you want, "Split Cluster", "Split I/O Group",... Continue Reading →

SVC: Clustered Storage from the ground up

ORIGINALLY POSTED 27th May 2009 18,746 views on developerworks As we approach SVC's 6th birthday its interesting to see the rest of the industry starting to catch up and realise not only that a modular commodity storage controller is the way forward, but that also clustering of said modular controllers has many benefits. We all... Continue Reading →

“MAX POWER” – spin doctor-tastic

ORIGINALLY POSTED 6th May 2009 13,717 views on developerworks The "modular monolith" has arrived. Oh how the EMC spin doctors must have jumped for joy when they realised the next version of the almost 20 year old Symmetrix family, the DMX-5 could also mean DMX-V in roman numerals. Better still lets try and jazz it... Continue Reading →

Isn’t that exactly the point?

ORIGINALLY POSTED 20th March 2009 11,899 views on developerworks Funny, I had been thinking about blogging about a customer visit I had this week, primarily a new SVC user wanting to discuss and go into some deeper technical insight into the product. I enjoy these days as its a chance to talk techy with someone... Continue Reading →

Did it need a press release?

ORIGINALLY POSTED 4th February 2009 8,501 views on developerworks If SVC put out a press release every time we qualified a new controller behind the cluster we'd be putting out one every couple of weeks. To claim in such a way that this was a new an interesting thing to do with a TMS RAMSAN... Continue Reading →

Is that the time already?

ORIGINALLY POSTED 29th January 2009 10,787 views on developerworks Seriously, where has January gone? OK, so we have a couple of days left, but it seems only yesterday I was feeling relaxed and rested after a nice couple of weeks off over the festive season... then wham... We are deep in the middle of a... Continue Reading →

2008 – A retrospective

ORIGINALLY POSTED 12th January 2009 12,933 views on developerworks It seems a common thread in technology blogs to post some predictions for the coming year. However, as I'm not an analyst and don't profess to understand the entire storage industry, I thought I'd keep to a brief history of 2008 as I saw it -... Continue Reading →

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