Is that the time already?

ORIGINALLY POSTED 29th January 2009

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Seriously, where has January gone? OK, so we have a couple of days left, but it seems only yesterday I was feeling relaxed and rested after a nice couple of weeks off over the festive season… then wham…

We are deep in the middle of a major development phase, things are coming together that have been in progress for some time, and the time on my performance stand is at a premium. With owning a major bit of architecture at the moment, I’ve got designs and specs scribbled all over scraps of paper that I need to regurgitate into a true functional specification – everyone knows what they are doing, but test are a stickler for needed it written down in detail πŸ™‚

I’ve almost done as many customer engagements this month as the whole of last year – well not quite, but the recent change in economics doesn’t stop storage growth. But it seems many many of our prospective and new customers (from an SVC perspective) are looking to get more out of what they already have. Times are tough, money is tight, so they are being push to look at doing things differently.

I’ve been using the utilisation numbers a lot recently. Typically open systems are running at about 30-40% utilisation – or less. Would you like to take that closer to 70 or 80%, well sure… Come see us about how we can help you do just that. Re-using the assets on the floor today, but getting much more out of them, wouldn’t that be nice.

Of course with all consolidation, increased utilisation discussions, your mileage may vary. You aren’t going to consolidate your super IOPs hungry database onto fewer spindles, but maybe you could put some archive data on the wasted space – oh and seriously limit the I/O rates that the archive volumes are allowed – sure why not.

Anyway, we are seeing more and more people interested in how a product like SVC can help them in their day to day running. I don’t know that there is anything else quite like SVC out there today – as pointed out in a comment on my last blog post – have a look at Chuck’s thoughts back in 2006 – when Invista was the answer and IBM had got it oh so wrong – apparently… or so he thought… which one has more than 15,000 installed engines and 4,500 customers today…

So its time for your input. I get a lot of emails thanking me for the technical details I provide here, so first of all, what would you like me to cover this year – any topics relating to SVC, virtualization etc (within reason) I’ll happily give you all my thoughts and hopefully help educate both existing users and potential new users. I’ll follow up with another Q&A session soon, but for now, comment below and let me know what you’d like me to discuss and give you the real facts about – not the FUD.

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