Off radar

ORIGINALLY POSTED 3rd December 2008 7,852 views on developerworks I've been off the radar for a few weeks... A decision I'd made myself, its been a hectic year, and I realised I'd been spending too much time at/with work and not enough with the family. So I decided, despite only being a Scotsman abroad (ok... Continue Reading →

SVC: How it works – Part2

ORIGINALLY POSTED 11th November 2008 11,497 views on developerworks In part2 of this "HiW" - How it Works - discussion of SVC, I look at how you can take an existing SAN infrastructure and Virtualize it. Import your Data Its likely that today you have a SAN of some kind. It maybe a couple of... Continue Reading →

SVC: How it works – Part1

ORIGINALLY POSTED 10th Novembeer 2008 22,769 views on developereworks I thought it was time to get back to some technical content, and with recent blog posts, it clear that there is some confusion over how SVC works. In particular how the actual virtual to physical blocks are mapped, how they can be changed without application... Continue Reading →

eWeek – Virtualization in general

ORIGINALLY POSTED 30th October 2008 7,460 views on developerworks Over on eWeek there is a long (24 min) podcast interview hosted by Mike Vizard, and the director of product marketing for IBM System Storage, Charlie Andrews. Charlie explains amongst other things why the rise of virtualization is going to lead to tighter coupling between server... Continue Reading →

OMG: Hu-itachi maths strikes back

ORIGINALLY POSTED 22nd October 2008 9,276 views on developerworks Oh My God. I'm sorry, but OMG*! Read cache hits. OK, so we can all do them, we can all do lots of them, but it seems only HDS, or maybe Hu (or whoever writes his marketing page that passes for a blog) thinks that Storage... Continue Reading →

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