Some people are hard to please

ORIGINALLY POSTED 11th September 2008 7,362 views on developerworks Last week I was about to post congratulating Chris Mellor on his 'Blocks and Files' site being absorbed, acquired, defunct, by his move to The Register. I've followed Chris since his days over at TechWorld, where he posted a few articles after reading my blog, abstracting... Continue Reading →


ORIGINALLY POSTED 11th September 2008 21,933 views on developerworks The interop just keeps growing. As you would expect you can today attach the new IBM Storage products behind SVC, running the latest 4.3.0 software. SVC has actually supported XIV since August, we completed the controller qualification during our last SVT cycle, and the IBM Storage... Continue Reading →

Kicking up a ‘Flash’-flood

ORIGINALLY POSTED 7th September 2008 11,310 views on developerworks I was excited about the press release and finally making public news of our work with SVC and NAND flash technology, but I wasn't prepared for the sheer scale of the press coverage we would get! Just google "IBM quicksilver" for an idea of the coverage... Continue Reading →

Survived my first year

ORIGINALLY POSTED 5th August 2008 8,018 views on developerworks It seems hard to believe that its been a year since my first post on this blog. As it seems with all things as we get older, in some ways it seems only yesterday, but in other ways its feels like I've always been here... Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Just what is non-disruptive?

ORIGINALLY POSTED 23rd July 2008 14,567 views on developerworks I was catching up on a few interesting comments on BarryB's post about the evolution of DMX - notice how he deftly ignored my loaded questions about host side IOPs / MBs - but then we all know EMC, for some reason, just won't publish any... Continue Reading →

Happy 5th Birthday SVC

ORIGINALLY POSTED 12th July 2008 12,288 views on developerworks Before I forget I wanted to wish SVC all the best in its 6th year in production. I guess it seems a lot longer, but then I have been (like a lot of the team) working on it for over 8 years now. IBM just celebrated... Continue Reading →

Morcombe and Wise

ORIGINALLY POSTED 3rd July 2008 13,783 views on developerworks I thought after the 4.3.0 release I'd have a bit more spare time to post more often, however I'm working on a couple of interesting projects that have really taken off over the last few months and I'm once again flat out, not to mention being... Continue Reading →

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