Off radar

ORIGINALLY POSTED 3rd December 2008

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I’ve been off the radar for a few weeks…

A decision I’d made myself, its been a hectic year, and I realised I’d been spending too much time at/with work and not enough with the family. So I decided, despite only being a Scotsman abroad (ok abroad meaning south of the border) I’d take at least the thanks-giving week off in the evenings!

I have a few things to catch up on, dotConnector woke up to my prods a few weeks back to try and further discredit the SPC and I need to reply back to him (DrK I haven’t forgotten and I have a few thoughts / comments about an SPC-4 test that maybe EMC can join in with). Anarchist has been quiet too, and only the one recent post – funnily enough attacking IBM and XIV again – whats with that… ChrisE has been trying to manage his home storage, Hu has tried to say that Hitachi “Dynamic Privisioning” simply means using striping and fully allocated thin provisioned disks… Chuck’s been floating on his Cloud, Bod’s been letting off some steam (and I can’t help but agree that nobody has a decent SRM solution, its only good to hear EMC ECC isn’t as good as some people lead you to believe) MarcF has been defending his dangerous driving (cheers for the shout out in one of your steering wheel sessions)… Taylor at SUN has been silent for a while, maybe its not just a rumour…


Part 3 and 4 of my “SVC – How it Works” are in draft and being refined – I’ve had to cut back on my comments about EMC and their “SVC competitive analysisannihilation” pitch that I’ve seen and been amazed at the lengths they went to… with any product there are 101+ ways to set it up so it doesn’t work well – some of them we didn’t even know…

So before the festive season reaches us I plan to get parts 3 and 4 finished and posted, and set out my thoughts for DrK.

Its quite amusing to sit back and watch the online storage community for a few weeks, despite the hype, not much changes…

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