SVC Certified with VMware ESX 3.0.2

ORIGINALLY POSTED 5th October 2007

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There has been much said about the VMware certification process, why isn’t SVC fully supported etc; particularly in comments on my blog. Today IBM and VMware jointly announced full certification of SVC 4.2.0 with VMWare ESX 3.0.2. Read the full press release here.

As I had previously commented, we were in the process of a joint certification test, the results of which have now been reviewed and approved by VMware. Until now all customers wishing to use SVC with VMWare ESX3 had to submit an SVC RPQ. No longer, as long as your setup is covered by the current support statements.

IBM and VMware now both support interoperation of the latest releases of the two industry leading virtualization products… go forth and virtualize 🙂

The same press release on

Added 6th October: Tony has provided a great summary of the current support statement over on his blog. The precise details are available in the VMware’s Storage / SAN Compatibility Guide and the GuestOS Guide.

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