So I guess that only leaves EMC…

ORIGINALLY POSTED 3rd October 2007

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I’d like to at least take my hat off to HDS for once. I have been laying into them with apparently car salesman like maths, but then it had to be said.

So why this sudden note of appreciation. For stepping up to the mark and submitting their USP-V to the Storage Performance Council, SPC-1 benchmark, even if this does displace the IBM DS8300 from the top of the pile of enterprise storage controllers. I’m sure many will be quick to point out that they did use twice the number of DDM as IBM, and the counter argument of IBM using half as many again with SVC’s world record score. Swings and roundabouts.

Anyway, my point I guess is that there is one less argument for Chuck, Barry and Mark as to why they [EMC] don’t submit. I don’t want to start another SPC based blog-war, but maybe EMC will get more pressure to submit some numbers now that all their main competitors in the enterprise arena are now listed. Just my 2p, or 2c depending on your thinking 🙂

PS. One for you BarryB, I suddenly thought of you when Mr-T appeared on my TV advertising a Snickers chocolate bar…

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