SVC Performance Redbook Available

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th November 2007

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[2019 Comment – is was from this Redbook that I became known as Barry “it depends” Whyte]

Just a quick post to let those interested know that the [SVC Best Practices and Performance Guidelines] Redbook has just been made publicly available on the IBM Redbooks website.

Many thanks to Jon Tate and his team of able (and pestering) technical writers for all their hard work. Jon and I spent a few days fleshing out the various contents / topics for this book back in the first half of the year. Mr Mellish now refers to me a Barry “it depends” Whyte, as most of the questions they sent me were answered with the first paragraph starting “It depends…” (as most things performance do!)

This book adds to the other SVC Redbooks available for download from the same site :

Redbooks are an evolving reference, if there is anything you’d like to see or further coverage of topics please let me know and I’ll pass them on to Jon and the team for consideration.

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