2010-24: Still alive and Verplexed


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 After a couple of weeks of car hell, that resulted in the entire removal of the intake manifold, just to get to the darn crappy sensor that had packed up (and Land Rover informed me was the 3rd re-design – in any other business that would mean ‘ 2x faulty design) but anyway, thanks Geoff for the help in removing and fitting and now the TD4 has sprung back into life.

Meanwhile work overload continues… 6.1 with everything it entails has and is keeping the whole team and more 100% saturated.

I’ve just got hold of the Verplexed architecture deployment guide – and couldn’t help but “do a Tony” (spray my coffee over the screen) when I saw that this was listed as a “key feature” … along with just 4 other things – all of which I’d class as base virtualization features that we don’t even mention these days in SVC briefings, basically because its not interesting anymore…

So the feature that causes me such hilarity… the same one that protects the DMX, Pepsi-Max and Clariion cash cows – not to mention PowerPath…

Write-through cache

Ah ! Now all becomes clear – to enable all that magic “protection in controller investment” you’ve simply added another layer that (one of the other verplexed tennants claims) simplifies storage management, and does basically nothing for you, but cost some more bucks, (pounds) and lets you manage copy services at the storage controller as you always did. So what does it gain you???? No seriously, if anyone can tell me, i’d be happy to listen?

The ‘think up a new term’ federation thingy, well, I see it more like the Borg – or maybe the Dominion, yeah, the Dominion is a better term. Join us, we are the future, but really the Jem’Hadar (EMC sales team) will get you hooked on some more Ketracel White (PowerPath and DMX cash cows) but at least you will feel like you are part of the Next Generation… and of course the Vorta (Burke and Hollis) will make sure you keep on the straight and narrow.


Be sure to realise that the Founders, are really IBM, and the SAN Volume Controller (SVC) – the good guys, bringing freedom from vendor lock-in, and I guess in Star Trek terms, the real Federation!

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