The Gotchas of NAND

ORIGINALLY POSTED 1st October 2011 14,765 views on developerworks While catching up on some old and new posts out here I came across an interesting article from Chris Mellor discussing a report about various PCIe card benchmarks performed by the Swiss National Computing Centre (CSCS).  I was going to reply to his post but as... Continue Reading →

The Storage Egg timer

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th August 2009 13,321 views on developerworks I, like a lot of you that take the time out of your lives to read blog ramblings, you probably have your top 3 or 4 authors that you will read no matter what they say - maybe the next 10 that you read just the... Continue Reading →

SVC: Clustered Storage from the ground up

ORIGINALLY POSTED 27th May 2009 18,746 views on developerworks As we approach SVC's 6th birthday its interesting to see the rest of the industry starting to catch up and realise not only that a modular commodity storage controller is the way forward, but that also clustering of said modular controllers has many benefits. We all... Continue Reading →

eWeek – Virtualization in general

ORIGINALLY POSTED 30th October 2008 7,460 views on developerworks Over on eWeek there is a long (24 min) podcast interview hosted by Mike Vizard, and the director of product marketing for IBM System Storage, Charlie Andrews. Charlie explains amongst other things why the rise of virtualization is going to lead to tighter coupling between server... Continue Reading →

Some people are hard to please

ORIGINALLY POSTED 11th September 2008 7,362 views on developerworks Last week I was about to post congratulating Chris Mellor on his 'Blocks and Files' site being absorbed, acquired, defunct, by his move to The Register. I've followed Chris since his days over at TechWorld, where he posted a few articles after reading my blog, abstracting... Continue Reading →

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