Off Topic – Get the painters in

ORIGINALLY POSTED 20th April 2008 9,399 views on developerworks After a few hectic months, I'd booked a week or so off work so that we could take the kids up to see their grand-parents. I originally hale from Glasgow and my parents still live there. My sister works in Edinburgh as a special-needs teacher and... Continue Reading →

OFF TOPIC – Mini Rant – Aqua Spheres

ORIGINALLY POSTED 30th August 2007 4,941 views on developerworks One of the few things that really does wind me up is the utter nonsense that certain cosmetics companies try to claim as having "age-purifying" or "wrinkle-decrease" abilities. I remember a few years back a classic "aqua-sphere's" ad campaign... so your product contains water... But I... Continue Reading →

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