OFF TOPIC – Mini Rant – Aqua Spheres

ORIGINALLY POSTED 30th August 2007

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One of the few things that really does wind me up is the utter nonsense that certain cosmetics companies try to claim as having “age-purifying” or “wrinkle-decrease” abilities.

I remember a few years back a classic “aqua-sphere’s” ad campaign… so your product contains water…

But I fell about laughing tonight when I saw an advert for the latest product with the age-revitalizing properties of… wait for it… OXYGEN…

I wonder if I could market a product, costs you £20 a jar, I have an endless supply of, and contains 16% pure oxygen… its bound to do just as much good for you and I can guarantee that your skin will be surrounded by it 24×7…

The sad thing is that people must be taken in by all this techno-babble-abuse – does anybody actually know or care what a penta-peptide is anyway… grrrr!

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