Introducing IBM FlashSystem 5200

IBM's most compact, high capacity & performant entry FlashSystem to date. February 9th 2021 IBM introduced the latest member of the Spectrum Virtualize based FlashSystem family, somewhat unique in the mainstream storage industry coming in at just 1U high, but with power, performance, capacity and functionality that makes this a huge box in a tiny... Continue Reading →

The NVMe Revolution

I hope everyone is staying safe and well in these unusual times (COVID-19 year 2 if reading this in the future!). As some of you may know, one of my hobbies is writing EDM style music, having built up a synth and drum machine collection over many years. During the lockdowns and force travel restrictions... Continue Reading →

The Ongoing Need for Tiering

Its always amusing to be pinged by several people asking for comment on the same topic. This time it seems that Pure are trying to use their lack of function (there are several) and sell it as an advantage, while attacking the competition that do have it. I know reverse psychology worked on my kids... Continue Reading →

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