Cloning in progress…

Hi all, if you have been re-directed here from the old developerworks blog site, you will need to search here again for the topic you wanted as they could only setup a re-direct to the home page for any of our old content. Update as of 8th January 2020 I'm still cloning the old content... Continue Reading →

Chilling with Infosmack

ORIGINALLY POSTED 18th February 2012 9,587 views on developerworks A couple of weeks back I got together with Nigel and Rick over at Infosmack, spending some time discussing what got me into computing, how I ended up in storage and what its like to work in IBM.I have to admit that I did go and... Continue Reading →

2010-02: Hursley in Winter

ORIGINALLY POSTED 11th January 2010 9,744 views on developerworks A lot of you may have seen the NASA satellite photo of the UK last week, certainly you can't deny that the snow has hit pretty much the whole country, the contrast compared to a normal satellite image is quite amazing. Images courtesy of NEODAAS/University of... Continue Reading →

Online Data Migration

ORIGINALLY POSTED 1st July 2009 17,738 views on developerworks These days I'm spending more and more of my time with customers visiting Hursley wanting to hear about our smart planet initiatives, how we can help to make their infrastructure dynamic and of course most of my involvement in this is around presenting how and where... Continue Reading →

The partnership includes sharing maths…

ORIGINALLY POSTED 9th October 2007 11,690 views on developerworks The SPC contacted SUN regarding violations of the SPC 'fair-use' terms. To that end, John and Valdis have retracted both the newsletter comments and blog posts that claimed 'faster than SVC' therefore the links in this post no longer show their original content. I have left... Continue Reading →

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