OFF TOPIC: There’s Always Two Sides – FIA F1

ORIGINALLY POSTED 14th September 2007

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I must admit that one of the things I have looked forward to this year has been the Saturday qualifying and Sunday race days in the Formula 1 calendar. It’s been a great F1 season so far, not just because I’m a Brit (well Scotsman abroad – Coulhtard was always British when he won… ) Nobody, least alone Alonso expected rookie Hamilton to make such an impact to the sport. I firmly believe, as do most people no doubt that Alonso expected to be #1 in his new team.

It does worry me that we could be up against another ‘Tiger’ or ‘Schumacher’ – with golf being a sport I play and follow too – it can get boring. Such super-athletes being compared to robots or machines with no perceivable persona. But Lewis does seem to be grounded…. I’m happy to see him do well, for the fact that it’s is rookie season just as much as that he’s British.

Its great to have a rookie spice up the pack, however I’ve long since understood that if you put any consistent driver in the best car, they stand a chance of winning the championship. You just need to look back at Williams dominance in the 90’s prior to Ferrari, when Villeneuve and Hill before him did just that. As long as you have the skill to make it round 50+ laps then you probably will win if you are in that years best car.

So yes this is a post about the ‘spygate’ story thats no doubt already been talked to death. A few things worry me about the outcome so far, and as a semi-impartial onlooker make me wonder. It’s obviously not at question of if the spec was passed into Mclaren’s hands, however :

  • Ron Dennis seems adamant that they have not used any Ferrari IP in their car. If thats the case, can the car not be scrutinized by the FIA to once and for all put to rest if and what they have ‘copied’.
    • Even if they have ‘copied’ parts or systems from Ferrari, then surely they are otherwise on a level playing field and so any additional gains are not prior art and thus make it a better car.
  • The verdict of the hearing would suggest that Mclaren have used some if this IP in their car, thus :
    • The ban should be enforced – if its against the regulations
    • The drivers should be disqualified as they are using this car
    • You could even take this as far as – all inter-team movements should be banned – thus a member of team A cannot move to team B – EVER
    This would seem to be draconian, and impossible to enforce, but a logical conclusion.
  • Does the FIA body that made up the panel in this hearing consist of a majority of Ferrari people, as suggested by Sir Jackie Stewart. His reaction to the verdict would seem to agree with my thoughts.

No matter what, this simply does not make sense to me. Either they are guilty and so the team AND the drivers should be disqualified, or they are not.

I look foward to the FIA press release tomorrow that apparently will explain their reasoning. For the record I suspect they will claim that they have not disqualified Alonso and Hamiltion purely because they, very cunningly issued them an Amnesty if they came forward with any information pertinent to the case.

To me as an avid F1 fan, either way, something stinks. Ron if you and your team are innocent then my thoughts are with you. Mr Mosely I guess you were in a lose lose situation, but this really hasn’t worked; the least you could have been is consistent.

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