Jon Tate – Dispute it we must…

ORIGINALLY POSTED 10th September 2013 18,915 views on developerworks “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Alexander Pope. Well we are mixing up poetry and Star Wars here today (or tomorrow, if it is already tomorrow where you are), and finish it off with a cryptic message. Anyway, let's cut to the chase here: a... Continue Reading →

V7000 (Gen1) SPC-1 Benchmark

ORIGINALLY POSTED 14th June 2012 24,016 views on developerwortks. One of the key benefits of the Storwize V7000 product is its built in Virtiualization capabilites. Or as some vendors like to call it  Federation? Its been almost 9 years since we first released SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and in that time, its been through 6... Continue Reading →

Breaking the 500,000 IOPs SPC Barrier

ORIGINALLY POSTED 3rd February 2012 20,233 views on developerworks Well, i guess I should first wish, any readers I still have left a Happy New Year.Not only are we now into 2012, but hey its February too, where did January go... must be some kind of temporal locality thing going on (private joke - sorry,... Continue Reading →

Benchmarks can prove something

ORIGINALLY POSTED 19th March 2011 17,483 views on developerworks At the risk of re-gurgitating recent Storage benchmarketing scars and rumblings, its probably escaped most people that we just published another Storwize V7000 SPC-1 benchmark. Why another I hear you ask, well the first one we published was back in November when the product first GA'd.... Continue Reading →

2010-02.2: Benchmarketing

ORIGINALLY POSTED 14th January 2010 9,231 views on developerworks Two posts in one week. Doing well. I set one of my resolutions this year to post at least once a week – hence my new numbering scheme. Maybe I’ll use the fact that 2010-2.2 and further double posts count for the odd week I may... Continue Reading →

Re: Mathematics of SPC-1

ORIGINALLY POSTED 31st October 2007 12,098 views on developerworks I promised a bit more detail on the very limited sample set used by EMC's latest blogger Dr Kartik, in response to his analysis that SPC-1 IOPs is directly proportional to the number of drives used by the system under test. So I cannot deny the... Continue Reading →

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