Online Data Migration

ORIGINALLY POSTED 1st July 2009 17,738 views on developerworks These days I'm spending more and more of my time with customers visiting Hursley wanting to hear about our smart planet initiatives, how we can help to make their infrastructure dynamic and of course most of my involvement in this is around presenting how and where... Continue Reading →

SVC: How it works – Part2

ORIGINALLY POSTED 11th November 2008 11,497 views on developerworks In part2 of this "HiW" - How it Works - discussion of SVC, I look at how you can take an existing SAN infrastructure and Virtualize it. Import your Data Its likely that today you have a SAN of some kind. It maybe a couple of... Continue Reading →

Here is the SMB data migration

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th February 2008 6,559 views on developerworks I was pointed to an article on TechTarget by Tory Skyers where he vents his frustration / asks what aren't people making products that will solve their data migration issues. Whether he's been looking at software or backup solutions, and missed the key killer app that... Continue Reading →

Storage Virtualization – Part 2

ORIGINALLY POSTED 19th August 2007 11,419 Views on developerworks Cornerstone #1 - Online data migration It's always nice to influence peoples lives in a positive way. Thoseof you reading this have no doubt had the fun of being 'on call' foryour respective company. That frantic storage call at 3am on a Sundaymorning when things haven't... Continue Reading →

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