… oh my!

ORIGINALLY POSTED 24th April 2008 14,048 views on developerworks Over at Burke HQ, I see that he's a little put out by a few questioning articles after EMCs 1Q broadcasts. In his latest post titled "Lions and Tigers and Bears" I can only but say "oh my!" Its unlike BarryB to tee himself up for... Continue Reading →

Deja-vu – Invista 2 – again?!

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th December 2007 7,792 views on developerworks Back in August I posted about the 'Stealth' announcement of Invista 2.0. It seems that our friends over at EMC decided that after almost 6 months, they'd try again and actually tell the world this time. I thought I'd wait till the end of the week... Continue Reading →

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