Here we go again…

ORIGINALLY POSTED 29th May 2008 11,199 views on developerworks So I almost 'did a Tony' just now, spraying my coffee over my screen and keyboard. The reason for this, the recent post from Hu over at HDS. (Its been a while since I even bothered to read his posts, and even longer since I commented... Continue Reading →

HDS making a great case for SVC

ORIGINALLY POSTED 7th May 2008 7,644 views on developerworks Its been a while, and recently I've not had the time or inclination to comment about Hu's blogketing, but a few of us found his recent post amusing. (As we often do) I guess Hu has a dilemma. On the one hand he's been telling us... Continue Reading →

Incredulous Attachment Claims

ORIGINALLY POSTED 11th September 2007 10,475 views on developerworks I spotted Hu has made a long post about the new mid-range USP, and various articles out there are discussing it. However, it seems my replies to both Hu and Claus fell on deaf ears - yet again they are quoting those incredulous attachment figures. So... Continue Reading →

Over-allocation vs Virtualization

ORIGINALLY POSTED 19th August 2007 11,147 views on developerworks I've been seeing a lot of discussion around the topic of Thin Provisioning vs Storage Virtualization as we know it today. While its true that when compared with other uses of Virtualization, todays storage devices don't pretend to have more space than there is - unless... Continue Reading →

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