OMG: Hu-itachi maths strikes back

ORIGINALLY POSTED 22nd October 2008 9,276 views on developerworks Oh My God. I'm sorry, but OMG*! Read cache hits. OK, so we can all do them, we can all do lots of them, but it seems only HDS, or maybe Hu (or whoever writes his marketing page that passes for a blog) thinks that Storage... Continue Reading →

Morcombe and Wise

ORIGINALLY POSTED 3rd July 2008 13,783 views on developerworks I thought after the 4.3.0 release I'd have a bit more spare time to post more often, however I'm working on a couple of interesting projects that have really taken off over the last few months and I'm once again flat out, not to mention being... Continue Reading →

Here we go again…

ORIGINALLY POSTED 29th May 2008 11,199 views on developerworks So I almost 'did a Tony' just now, spraying my coffee over my screen and keyboard. The reason for this, the recent post from Hu over at HDS. (Its been a while since I even bothered to read his posts, and even longer since I commented... Continue Reading →

HDS making a great case for SVC

ORIGINALLY POSTED 7th May 2008 7,644 views on developerworks Its been a while, and recently I've not had the time or inclination to comment about Hu's blogketing, but a few of us found his recent post amusing. (As we often do) I guess Hu has a dilemma. On the one hand he's been telling us... Continue Reading →

The maths must be contagious

ORIGINALLY POSTED 21st April 2008 10,489 views on developerworks So I'm still on holiday, but while getting myself prepared for the final stage of the re-decoration efforts at home I was browsing while having my morning intake of caffeine and came across an interesting viewpoint reported at Blocks and Files claiming that HDS are the... Continue Reading →

Lowest Vendor-neutral Denominator

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th November 2007 7,714 views on developerworks There is a big difference to "in the switch" network based storage virtualization and "appliance" network based storage virtualization. Hu Yoshida and Dr. Kevin McIsaac, seems to have forgotten that in my comparison series of the three approaches to storage virtualization, both the appliance and array... Continue Reading →

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