Christchurch NZ – FlashSystem V9000

ORIGINALLY POSTED 2nd April 2015 7,614 views on developerworks First trip in new role has been to Christchurch for the last couple of days. Some good meetings with Business Partners to see the lay of the land here, and look over some interesting prospects being worked on. The recent FlashSystem V9000 announcement, which I didn't... Continue Reading →

Time for a change of Scenery

ORIGINALLY POSTED 24th March 2015 9,817 views on developerworks I do have a good excuse this time for the short hiatus in posts, as things have been a bit more crazy than normal, but to be expected when you up and move the whole family, literally to the opposite side of the globe! My wife... Continue Reading →

SVC Standby Engine

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 6th July 2015 Hi again. I wanted to mention a feature that we released recently which we are calling the SVC Standby Engine.  Unfortunately this feature is not available for Storwize systems, so it's probably not worth you reading this, but let me know if it's the kind of feature you would want... Continue Reading →

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