Just one more thing… B2S #9

By popular request we have added one more session to our Back to School series. Over the last two months we have covered everything from IBM's unique advantages with FCMs, through saving you money and footprint with IBM Power Systems, managing exabytes of data with ease to simply backing up data. The sessions are all... Continue Reading →

The Ongoing Need for Tiering

Its always amusing to be pinged by several people asking for comment on the same topic. This time it seems that Pure are trying to use their lack of function (there are several) and sell it as an advantage, while attacking the competition that do have it. I know reverse psychology worked on my kids... Continue Reading →

DRAID Expansion. The Important Details

When I introduced the updates in Spectrum Virtualize 8.3.1 I promised a dedicated post discussing the details around the new DRAID dynamic expansion feature. Before we dive in, there are some DRAID basic terms that you need to understand. DRAID Basics Check out the DRAID - How it Works post for more details but in... Continue Reading →

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