Deja-vu – Invista 2 – again?!

ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th December 2007 7,792 views on developerworks Back in August I posted about the 'Stealth' announcement of Invista 2.0. It seems that our friends over at EMC decided that after almost 6 months, they'd try again and actually tell the world this time. I thought I'd wait till the end of the week... Continue Reading →

SVC 4.2.1 GA and 10,000th SVC Node shipped.

ORIGINALLY POSTED 17th November 2007 8,668 views on developerworks Today we are have made available IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Version 4.2.1 with more function than previously announced, including new VMware support, and also announced that IBM has passed an historic milestone by shipping its 10,000th SVC node. A press release issued today... Continue Reading →

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