The Ongoing Need for Tiering

Its always amusing to be pinged by several people asking for comment on the same topic. This time it seems that Pure are trying to use their lack of function (there are several) and sell it as an advantage, while attacking the competition that do have it. I know reverse psychology worked on my kids... Continue Reading →

Introducing Spectrum Virtualize 7.8.0 (Now GA)

ORIGINALLY POSTED 19th December 2016 11,967 views on developerworks 7.8.0 Spectrum Virtualize Back in November we announce the 7.8 updates for SVC, Storwize and V9000 - the products running Spectrum Virtualize software, and a new expansion enclosure offering over 1.4PB RAW capacity in just 5U rack space… Transparent Cloud Tiering TCT is IBM’s general overarching... Continue Reading →

Jon Tate – IBM EasyTier with IBM Realtime Compression

ORIGINALLY POSTED 16th September 2013 23,149 views on developerworks Recently we published an IBM Redbooks Solution Guide on Implementing IBM Easy Tier with IBM Real-time Compression. IBM® Easy Tier® is a performance function that automatically and non-disruptively migrates frequently accessed data from magnetic media to solid-state drives (SSDs). In that way, the most frequently accessed... Continue Reading →

2010-14: Announcing DS8000 Easy Tier

ORIGINALLY POSTED 13th April 2010 15,787 views on developerworks So after all the EMC hype, and all the claims that the DS8000 was "pushing up daises" it seems that IBM have managed to announce the GA of ship our sub-lun hot-spot management, aka Easy Tier before EMC have shipped their FAST function. Now, before you... Continue Reading →

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