Quorum, How does it work? SVC and Storwize

ORIGINALLY POSTED 10th January 2017 19,712 views on developerworks Spectrum Virtualize Quorum Happy New Year to all. I’ve been getting a few questions relating to quorum devices, and in particular the IP quorum and what happens when various different failure scenarios occur. I thought it was worth detailing things here. So first some background. What... Continue Reading →

Introducing Spectrum Virtualize 7.8.0 (Now GA)

ORIGINALLY POSTED 19th December 2016 11,967 views on developerworks 7.8.0 Spectrum Virtualize Back in November we announce the 7.8 updates for SVC, Storwize and V9000 - the products running Spectrum Virtualize software, and a new expansion enclosure offering over 1.4PB RAW capacity in just 5U rack space… Transparent Cloud Tiering TCT is IBM’s general overarching... Continue Reading →

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