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Hi all, if you have been re-directed here from the old developerworks blog site, you will need to search here again for the topic you wanted as they could only setup a re-direct to the home page for any of our old content. Update as of 8th January 2020 I'm still cloning the old content... Continue Reading →

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Our New SuperBlog URL

Please bookmark this new URL : Hi all, welcome to the new site for our IBM Storage Blog. On 1st January 2020 IBM is sunsetting the old developerworks blog portal, and as such both Andrew and I have decided to move our content to wordpress. This is the new home of both : An... Continue Reading →

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Christchurch NZ – FlashSystem V9000

ORIGINALLY POSTED 2nd April 2015 7,614 views on developerworks First trip in new role has been to Christchurch for the last couple of days. Some good meetings with Business Partners to see the lay of the land here, and look over some interesting prospects being worked on. The recent FlashSystem V9000 announcement, which I didn't... Continue Reading →

Time for a change of Scenery

ORIGINALLY POSTED 24th March 2015 9,817 views on developerworks I do have a good excuse this time for the short hiatus in posts, as things have been a bit more crazy than normal, but to be expected when you up and move the whole family, literally to the opposite side of the globe! My wife... Continue Reading →

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