Just one more thing… B2S #9 – HyperSwap – DR, HA, technical dive. 22nd July

By popular request we have added one more session to our Back to School series. Over the last two months we have covered everything from IBM’s unique advantages with FCMs, through saving you money and footprint with IBM Power Systems, managing exabytes of data with ease to simply backing up data.

The sessions are all available for download and replay via the portal page, but since so many of you asked, we are adding one more (for now) session.

22nd July – learn everything you need to know about building Highly Available storage solutions using IBM’s HyperSwap technology available with Spectrum Virtualize and FlashSystems.

As businesses are expected to be always on today, having a storage solution and architecture that means the storage itself is always available is critical. HyperSwap provides just that, a failover-less dual active-active solution allowing data center agnostic access to you precious data.

Join us on the 22nd July to learn more, registration links on the portal.

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