TechU Talks 2020

Hi Everyone,

Since the IBM Technical Universities that would normally be running in the first half of this year are not able to happen as planned – IBM is running a series of TechU talks which are in the form of weekly web casts.

I’m the first presenter in the set of Storage related talks – and I’ll be presenting at 11AM EDT. The Title of the talk is “FlashSystem Family Technical Update and Hot Topics“.

There’s still (just about) time to register on the TechU Talks website, and replays will be available for those of you unable to make the live event.

Here are what I think are the topics relevant to Spectrum Virtualize users:

FlashSystem Family Technical Update and Hot TopicsApril 8Andrew Martin,
Spectrum Virtualize Service Architect – IBM Systems
Monitor Your FlashSystems with Spectrum Control and Storage InsightsApril 15Bryan Odom,
Software Advanced Technology (SWAT), Spectrum Control – IBM Systems
Hybrid Multicloud Solutions w/ FlashSystem + Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud, Ansible, and Red HatApril 22Hemanand GadGil
Storage SolutionArchitect – IBM Systems

Michelle Tidwell,
Global Offering Manager, Spectrum Virtualize – IBM Systems

I am also encouraging those of you that are unable to make the live event but still want to ask questions, to post those questions as comments on this blog post.

TechU Talks home page:

4 responses to “TechU Talks 2020”

  1. I have 2 question for yesterday’s talk on FlashSystem Family Technical Update and Hot Topics
    For the Site Replication ( Star and Cascade ) is this now available on all the Products ( V7K , V5K , FS9150 ) and is it only from level 8.3.1 , and on the architecture for this design does this include having a hyperswap volume to be replicated to the 3rd site , or when will this be available especial on V7K’s if not already with this version of 8.3.1 , also this is the primary volume that gets replicated to the secondary site and 3rd site for the Star and the primary volume that gets replicated to the secondary and that same volume from secondary to the 3rd sit ( no flash copy’s used in this design)

    Then IBM is keep on allowing for more memory in the units but the bitmap caching keeps on staying the same maximum limit , will this ever be allowed to change to allow for more bitmap caching for flash copy’s and mirroring for volumes per I/O grp



    1. Andrew Martin Avatar

      Hi Christie

      Thanks for the questions.

      You are correct that 3 site replication is only available in the 8.3.1 release. Importantly – all three systems must be running 8.3.1 to configure this solution. I believe that every product that can run the 8.3.1 software will be able to use the feature.

      If you are interested – the SCORE questionnaire that needs to be filled in to request 3 site is available here.

      The replication to the third site is a snapshot based replication, similar to GMCV (but not the same). So there is FlashCopy involvement.

      The 3 site solution does not support hyperswap at present.

      I’m afraid I can’t talk about future directions in a public forum. If you are interested in knowing more about future enhancements please work with your sales teams to request details of our roadmap.

      I think I covered all of your questions – hopefully that was helpful.


  2. Hello Andrew, Barry

    Many vendors have supported schedule storage snapshot in the storage GUI. So customer wants to this feature we have to add to the project Copy Data Management, Spectrum Protect or Veeam B&R. Sometimes we lost the project because other vendor add nothing. Could you consider add to snapshot schedule feature?


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I would strongly recommend that you add an RFE at the link below to request this addition.

      The Offering Management team use this as one of the many pieces of data to help prioritise what new features should be added to the products.


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