Welcome to the new home for “An Exchange and Discussion of Storage Virtualization” and “Musings of the Spectrum Virtualize Support Architect”

“These aren’t the pages you are looking for”… If google brought you here from a link on the old sites, please use the local site search to find the post you were looking for…

After over 12 years, and for the second time since I started blogging IBM has sunset the platform we were using for blogging.

Andy and I decided to combine our forces and both be equally slack at regular posting, but at least in one place!

Thanks to all of you for the support over the years, we have both finally finished re-publishing all the relevant content from our old blogs and IBM has setup a re-direct from our old blog URLs to this site.

If you land here expecting a specific page, then use the search on the title page to find the specific post you are interested in. All the reference style posts have been cloned, and we look forward to adding some new content during 2020.

Just as an aside, by the time developerWorks was turned off, An Exchange and Discussion of Storage Virtualization had racked up over 13,600,000 views over the 12 years. So clearly, we are providing an interesting voice our here.

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