You probably have some more license than you thought…

Introducing Differential Licensing

Over the years its become clear that a TB isn’t what it used to be, for example the maximum tier of SVC license capacity back in 2003 was 32TB… so things have changed. We wanted to reflect this in the managed (mdisk) capacity licensing. Not all TB are equal…

In order to maintain current licensing tiers and existing entitlement, we have transitioned the measure of units. Taking from todays per TB license, to a new Storage Capacity Unit (SCU) license. 1TB today = 1SCU. So if you have 500TB license today, you now have 500SCU

As I said this applies to managed capacity licenses (today the base virtuallization and Real-time Compression licenses. FlashCopy and Remote Replication licensing are unchanged and remain based on the virtual disk capacity.*

Initially we have introduced three SCU categories – and this leaves us scope for future categories as deemed necessary

Use Case ExamplesTechnologies
Category 1Performance optimized workloads and applicationsFlash and SSD
Category 2Medium performance and/or read intensive workloads and applictionsSAS drives, fibre-channel drives and systems using Category 3 drives with advanced architectures to deliver high-end storage capabilities (i.e. XIV)
Category 3Economical tier for less active data or backup and archiveNL-SAS and SATA

SCU calculations then align these different storage use cases to different capacity points

Category 11 SCU = 1.00 TiB usable1 TiB = 1 SCU
Category 21 SCU = 1.18 TiB usable1 TiB = 0.85 SCU
Category 31 SCU = 4.00 TiB usable1 TiB = 0.25 SCU

This new differential licensing applies to Spectrum Virtualize, Spectrum Control and VSC* The products today don’t provide a roll up of this capacity, but in releases later this year you will have a simple view of what your SCU usage is. The way you define the SCU is based on the definitions of an mdisks EasyTier classification, with today the mappings as below

Category 1ssd  (or sas_ssd)
Category 2enterprise # (or sas_enterprise)
Category 3nearline (or sas_nearline)

# Note that the new Read Intensive drives are not yet supported by default in the Easy Tier hierarchy, but you should use these as Enterprise and Category 2 for licensing purpises.

Note on Virtual Storage Centre (VSC)*

One side effect of the new licensing is that it makes VSC an even more cost effective solution when you want to deploy both Spectrum Virtualise, Spectrum Control and make use of the advanced functions that are normally independent license. VSC includes all additional licenses (with the exception of Real-time compression). Thus if you purchase 100SCU for VSC, then you can use 100SCU of capacity and 100SCU of volume capacity FlashCopy, and Replication. This differs from the base product license where you are still TB licensed for virtual volume capacity.

One final note, while you may now have more license than you need, there isn’t a method to refund or reduce license, but you can now grow your capacity without increasing license costs.

One response to “You probably have some more license than you thought…”

  1. This mindset of letting customers license things that the software (or hardware in storwize terms) can already do is so counter-productive there’s not even a suitable word to express it.
    IBM customers throw out their systems and never ever even had a chance to really use the full potentinal.

    I fear if I would be able to dig throw the IBM archives in the end I would find it’s all due to some sales kickback stuff, where you’re supposed to generate X dollars of service revenue for every Y dollars of hardware sold.

    Surprise! You keep disadvantaging your customers and end up with less market share with less of both sales!


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