Jon Tate – Native IP Replication on the Storwize/SVC Family


Starting with IBM Storwize Family Software V7.2, including IBM SAN Volume Controller, we introduced native replication over IP networks. As this IBM Redpaper describes, you will see that it is easy to configure in an existing IP infrastructure. This is a lower-cost alternative to the Fibre Channel-based and FCoE-based replication, and by having it within the software itself, it can eliminate the need for FCIP routers and dark fibre.

This native IP replication addition allows us to:

  • Accelerate the flow of data
  • Maximize the capacity of the pipe
  • Optimize multiple connections with Artificial Intelligence

By placing the IP replication function in the Storwize Family Software, server CPU and management overhead is freed up, and a single point of replication control is available for all server types.
Native IP replication uses the Ethernet ports introduced in V7.2.

In this paper we show how to configure the IP partnership, create remote copy relationships and consistency groups, and easily move between the three flavors of replication: synchronous, asynchronous and asynchronous using change volumes.

We cover configuration guidelines, restrictions, and best practices as well as some basics of what the integrated SANSlide function provides.

Download the draft from:

SVC and Storwize Family Native IP Replication

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