The problems/joys/implications of more storage.

ORIGINALLY POSTED 3rd November 2012

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Last week I had a couple of meetings in Manchester (UK) with some SVC and V7000 end users, as well as the chance to pop in and say hi to our team in the IBM Manchester labs. About two days before heading up the M6 I was asked if I’d like to join in a roundtable session with UKFast – discussing the cost of storage, how customers should think of what they are buying, and in general what can be done to help reduce not only capital expenditure, but more importantly operational expenditure.   While enjoying a great lunch, I also got the chance to meet up with some fellow Storage professionals (who were a surprisingly agreeable bunch) – hehe

Seriously though, we had a great time, and we all recognised the same end user problems.   Thanks to Andy Hardy from Dell, Gavin McLaughlin from X-IO and Lee McEvoy at ISI for a great discussion. Of course most of all thanks to Jonathan, Neil and Kate at UKFast for setting up and hosting us – the view from the top of the building is amazing -I never knew such a view existed in Manchester!    

The Growing Cost of Storage – UKFast Round Table

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