2010-02: Hursley in Winter

ORIGINALLY POSTED 11th January 2010

9,744 views on developerworks

A lot of you may have seen the NASA satellite photo of the UK last week, certainly you can’t deny that the snow has hit pretty much the whole country, the contrast compared to a normal satellite image is quite amazing.

Images courtesy of NEODAAS/University of Dundee

While most of last week I was working at home, I did venture in on Friday to make some physical changes to my iSCSI setup to wire in some different nodes, and took the chance to grab a few quick snaps of Hursley in the snow. I’ll try and catch all 4 seasons this year for contrasting pictures. The final one make you realise just how many rabbits there are. The otherwise undisturbed snow cover was peppered with little footprints like this – and not to mention a far number of little brown pellets 😉

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