Kids these days

ORIGINALLY POSTED 18th August 2007 8,309 views on developerworks Our eldest son (just turned 5) has been on school holidays for the last few weeks - driving my wife round the twist and winding his little sister up a treat at the same time. Today was my last day in the office for a week... Continue Reading →

Over-allocation vs Virtualization

ORIGINALLY POSTED 19th August 2007 11,147 views on developerworks I've been seeing a lot of discussion around the topic of Thin Provisioning vs Storage Virtualization as we know it today. While its true that when compared with other uses of Virtualization, todays storage devices don't pretend to have more space than there is - unless... Continue Reading →

Storage Virtualization – Part3 – Performance

ORIGINALLY POSTED 22nd August 2007 14,786 views on developerworks Cornerstone #5 The potential to increase system performance While this topic directly corresponds with ‘Cornerstone #5’ it does also contribute #2 Simplification of storage management and #4 Increased storage utilization Pooling and Striping Most enterprise level controllers, the likes of DS8000, DMX and USP, and some... Continue Reading →

OFF TOPIC – Mini Rant – Aqua Spheres

ORIGINALLY POSTED 30th August 2007 4,941 views on developerworks One of the few things that really does wind me up is the utter nonsense that certain cosmetics companies try to claim as having "age-purifying" or "wrinkle-decrease" abilities. I remember a few years back a classic "aqua-sphere's" ad campaign... so your product contains water... But I... Continue Reading →

Stealth Announcements – Invista v2

ORIGINALLY POSTED 1st September 2007 10,690 views on developerworks I find it interesting that v2 of Invista has been so quietly 'introduced' - very unlike EMC. I spotted a reference to it a few months back on Mark's blog, but couldn't find any press or EMC website coverage. The article from CBR covers some interesting... Continue Reading →

Re: Using Virtualization for DR

ORIGINALLY POSTED 8th September 2007 (UNFORTUNATELY developerworks HAS LOST THE FIGURE IMAGES!) 12,376 views on developerworks. Chris posted an interesting solution to provide 3DC disaster recovery, yet only having local virtualization devices. I posted a couple of responses to this question, and commented that this is a complex area of I/O flow and I would... Continue Reading →

Incredulous Attachment Claims

ORIGINALLY POSTED 11th September 2007 10,475 views on developerworks I spotted Hu has made a long post about the new mid-range USP, and various articles out there are discussing it. However, it seems my replies to both Hu and Claus fell on deaf ears - yet again they are quoting those incredulous attachment figures. So... Continue Reading →

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