Welcome to the new home for "An Exchange and Discussion of Storage Virtualization" and "Musings of the Spectrum Virtualize Support Architect" — developerWorks is no more… — If google brought you here from a link on the old sites, Please use the local site search to find the post you were looking for…

After over 12 years, and for the second time since I started blogging IBM has sunset the platform we were using for blogging. Andy and I decided to combine our forces and both be equally slack at regular posting, but at least in one place! Thanks to all of you for the support over the... Continue Reading →

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Auto-negotiation with Fibre Channel speeds

ORIGINALLY POSTED 31st May 2019 I had a recent question from within IBM regarding our support for auto-negotiation of Fibre Channel speed. It seems we take this for granted, because we don't specifically mention that all our Fibre Channel HBA's across all the Virtualize family have supported auto-negotiate since our 4Gbit HBA back in 2005!... Continue Reading →

NVMe-FC Proof of Technology Demo

ORIGINALLY POSTED 4th September 2018 5,688 views on developerworks There is a lot of talk - dare I say Hype - around NVMe, and I've found that a lot of people don't understand what it means, not only in terms of the technology, but also why is it important from a business, getting things done,... Continue Reading →

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